Happy Birthday Nate!

Its Nathans birthday today so if you see him, make him take a shot or do something crazy. On his birthday I give you one of his edits, also fitting because as snowboard season ends this one begins. Enjoy.


Manic Monday #21: Lost Footage from John Ewald on Vimeo.



Sorry guys. I had to do it. I couldn’t help myself my only hope is that nathan doesn’t fall for it. Anyways he’ll have it out soon. Keep up on the page as winter comes to a bitter sweet end. STAY DIRTY


Dont know why it took so long to get this one up. Check it out!


Manic Monday: WWTB

No new manic monday this week but hopefully this windy wednesday throwback will hold you over for a week.


Windy Wednesday at Troll from John Ewald on Vimeo.

The Last Ones: teaser

How it took me this long to post the teaser up here is beyond me. this will blow your mind!